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Aug 14

Password Spray with PowerShell

Find user accounts with weak passwords without getting ntds.dit, admin rights, account lockouts, or logging any events. With basic domain access and PowerShell, this script uses a password spray technique to test one password at a time against all active user accounts in the domain. More traditional brute force password guessing might try as many password …

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Jun 23

Training Users to Fail

My account password for LinkedIn was leaked as part of the 2012 breach.  I use the same user name on Pandora and, if my password was the same on both sites, this would have left me exposed to password reuse attacks. I received an email from Pandora Radio today and I think it is great …

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Mar 30

File Screens Defeat Ransomware – Part 3

File screens have successfully stopped Locky. I ran a curious file today that gave me the picture above…but my file server is just fine. For a test, I created multiple file shares. One share did not have a screen enabled. The other share had the screen configured as detailed in my previous two posts. Use …

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Mar 29

File Screens Don’t Stop Ransomware – Part 2

File screens don’t stop ransomware, but firewalls do. In my last post, I suggested that disabling shares in response to an unauthorized file extension was a bit extreme.  After discussing this with other members of the community, I now believe that blocking access is the only real solution. If ransomware created an encrypted copy of …

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Mar 24

Use File Screens to Stop Ransomware – Part 1

Ransomware has become the hot-topic for 2016.  It is bad enough that this crypto malware can encrypt workstations but the risk of one infected user locking down the file server is especially scary. This article details how you can use Server 2012 file screens to prevent crypto locker from taking over your file server.  There …

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Mar 20

Permission to Phish

This is a short speech I gave on the topic of phishing using a composite of real customers.  I briefly explain what it looks like and the potential consequences.

Dec 21

If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Right

Have you ever hired someone to work on your house and felt you could have done a better job yourself?  Was the handyman unskilled, lazy, or both?  Maybe he was just going too fast.  Or maybe he just simply didn’t know any better. This is an all too common scenario in the profession of information …

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